Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time for reflection

This is the young Xinzele male who has a territory along the Sand River.

These images were taken just after a fight with a young male encroaching on his territory, the expression on his face sums up his sombre mood.

The low angle created the shot in late afternoon light as he briefly rested on a mound contemplating his predicament before disappearing into the river.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stalking practice

Mambirri's sub adult cub seems to have moved off on her own for good, we saw her on her kill the other day which she expertly hoisted up a tree to keep 2 spotted hyaena's at bay, her mother was nowhere to be seen. After feeding she ignored the hyaenas and then proceed to wander down to a nearby waterhole for a drink...only to find some Water Thicknees reluctant to leave their eggs.

The playfulness of youth kicked in and she stalked them without success, she was never really going to catch one out in the open, it was good practice though!

The light was very harsh but I managed to get a high enough shutter speed at full 400mm focal length to at least keep her sharp enough as she charged.