Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lioness attempting to catch warthogs

We were unexpectedly treated on Saturday afternoon...

It was quite a hot day and we found this lioness lying up in the shade fast asleep in an open area close to the lodge. I started chatting about lion behaviour and how unlikely it was that she would move until it cooled down but ever hopeful we waited and spoke about the lion dynamics here in the Western Sands while resting in the shade ourselves.

Then suddenly out of the blue she jumped up and started moving towards a nearby waterhole, for a drink we thought...meanwhile she had actually spotted some warthog wallowing  in the mud!

She walked right past us in the open, eyes focused on the warthogs only using a small guarri bush as cover. She got pretty close and charged immediately but the little guys were too quick for her while an impala ram watched in the distance!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playful lion cubs

These 2 male cubs are about 6 months old now and in a very playful phase, we were lucky to view them out in the open in good light this morning!

The 3 remaining Mapogo coalition males have accepted them and let's just hope the coalition can remain strong and hold this territory for another 2 years so these cubs make it to adulthood. The other 4 lionesses of the Ximungwe pride are all pregnant or denning so we are looking forward to lots of cubs soon.