Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miniature Mapogo, future kings!

A few days ago we were kindly notified by another ranger that a lioness and 2 tiny little cubs were briefly seen crossing the river bed close to our lodge. We jumped in the Land Rover straight away to try and find them but all we saw were the miniature tracks heading along the river into thick bush! We tried fruitlessly for 2 days searching the thick bush after game drive time for these little ones, suspecting the mother might have a den site there and pop out.

Eventually our perseverence paid off one afternoon and there they were lying in the river bed, the little 4 week old cubs were very nervous and we waited very patiently for them to show themselves. We kept very quiet and gave them alot of space with just the one vehicle in the thick riverine bush. The next day they had disappeared...probably up a nearby koppie to her den site for safety, we were treated to a brief and very rarely observed moment in the life of a denning lioness and her cubs.

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