Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Personal Choices of 2011

It has been a truly amazing and rewarding year here at Leopard Hills, there have been lots of great opportunities to shoot and here are a couple of my personal choices.

This shot has to be my personal highlight due the fact that the Half Collared Kingfisher is such a rare find and this was my first clear sighting, then to have the bird fly towards me and capture the shot..very very lucky. A high shutter speed of 1\2000 was needed to achieve sharpness in the head and eye while capturing motion in the blurred wing movement!

This Pangolin spotlit scene is a close 2nd, the rarity of a sighting and then to have the secretive animal co-operating with his posture was extremely lucky. Slow shutter of 1/20, manual exposure.

Another night time spotlit scene, perfect angle and pose of this young male leopard high up a Marula tree.

I really enjoyed the playful pre hunting pose of this dancing Painted Dog, the intent in the eyes, cocked ears and the puff of dust kicked up in early morning light make the image for me.
This one brutally captures the ultimate predator and his prey up close and personally. Canon 580 EX fill flash used to bring out the detail in the shadows during bright mid day shooting.

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